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Rend Resistance is Overpowered

I can’t be the only one who thinks Rend Resistance is over tuned. The closest we see for regular damage equivalent is armor being a passive damage reduction. Having 30-50% armor is means you are one of the tanks that are super difficult to take down. Meanwhile Rend Resistance is common to see high values, 50%, even 75% resistance.

Well, Lydia gave it to everything to help them with dracorat and the Grinch. But I say that rend resistance is a relic of the past


Lol u gave DCeratosaurus the nickname “Grinch”


It’s what makes Minolorhino such a nuisance; rend resistance AND DoT immunity.
Pretty crazy resistances for a tank to have!


A resistance in and of itself can’t be overpowered. If you’re saying that it’s too common or too prominent, then that’s different, but I’d have to disagree since it’s not.

I think you’re forgetting DoT resistance, which is waay more common. 75% resistance is extremely rare, and even 50% is pretty rare and usually on creatures that aren’t supposed to be countered by renders anyway.

I really don’t see any problem here.


Theres also a good chunk of creatures that can cleanse DoT or are fully immune. Having things that counter attacks that do pure % damage is a perfectly fine thing. Plus anything that helps keep the rats down is a good thing in my eyes. Theres only a handful of creatures that have a heavy reliance on rend, and having things that are counters to them is balanced.

Swap immunity/resistance on hp tanks is worse.

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