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Rending Stunnable Indominus?

I guess I’m a little confused as indominus doesn’t have rending attacks and is immune.
Am I missing something?


You are not missing anything, I’m assuming that’s just an error from the Dev’s, or whoever works on that.

Well Indominus maybe immune but not Echo and T.rex gen2


They don’t have rending either.

Hey JuggerNutt, thanks for reporting this to us and providing the screenshot! Our team is looking into it. :slight_smile:

Yes, Indominus gen 2 being immune and his definite strikes makes this battle unplayable for a lot of us who could actually win this battle pre boosts 2.0.

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Actually I was able to do it with lvl 24 and 23 dinos. Took me two tries but it can still be done

I don’t have enough coin saved up to level my team to that

That’s what I was going to say. I used to be able to win the master battles with my level 20 team and boosts (I didn’t have very many boosts, I’m only level 13) but today I got wiped out.

Side note: That gen2 Indo Rex is no joke.

Not being able to win this weekly map battle when I could before makes me care a lot less for this game now

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I really want to try again because I want that gen2 InroRex DNA, but I’m not sure $200 HC is worth that.

Good that you weren’t able to beat this. Those strikes we’re originally supposed to be challenges for higher lvl players. Now they can be that again.


Oh btw, your not getting what you want because I beat it with a level 18-21 team and this guy did it with less a level 10,10,11,19 team


I hope Alan gets a superhybrid soon. This strike gave it some time to shine.