Renew Vip


When you renew your VIP, do you earn 1 epic incubator per month?


No 202020202020 :cry::cry: no, no, no nononono


why not? 20202020202020


We should shouldn’t we!


Because Ludia treats its VIP members like (manure).


You’d think they would to encourage more people to turn VIP. Hardly like 300 epic dna a month is that much anyway.


No, but Ludia could give a monthly incubator to whoever keeps the VIP. The advantages of being vip are not so attractive


After loosing my VIP Account I renew it and haven’t receive a second epic incubators, that’s the reality @Ulfhednar , @Daniel_P_Lopes i’m totally okay in what you say, that would insist player to keep their VIP account, and insist new players to get VIP!


I think I’m a red member, each time I post something, it’s temporary hidden :cry: