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When you gain renown you gain card packs, roster slots, and heroes. Renown is an indicator of how many times you have leveled. It is not an indicator of overall strength or where you should be placed in pvp

If you have 6 characters sitting at level 5, or any other level, and you level 3 of them up 8 levels you gain the same renown as if you leveled all 6 of them up 4 levels, or If you had 8 heroes and leveled them all up 3 times.

You can’t tell someone’s strength just by their renown level. None of my characters are above level 13 and I am 5 level ups from being max renown. Having bought Jarlaxle helped because I have leveled him 10 times so far which is about 1.5 levels of renown.

I did not pay attention to the early levels when it came to how many level ups to get a point of renown, however I do know for a while, at least through level 14 and 15 of renown, it was no more than 6 levels and now it is 7. My guess is the earlier levels were less than 6.

I would bet that it is actually less, but just for ease of math, if you say it is an average of 6 hero level ups per level of renown then to get to level 20 it would take 120 level ups. Also, it is actually probably less than that. I think you actually start at level 1 renown so you only have to level up 19 times. I might be wrong and you start at 0 though, with 9 heroes that is 13.333 levels per hero to get to level 20. 12 if you have jarlaxle.

I just realized that didn’t have to guess about how many level ups to get to renown of 20

I have 8 characters at level 13 and 2 at level 11. That means I have leveled up 116 times. Before anyone tries to say that means I have leveled up 126 times, think about it a minute and if you can’t figure it out I’ll tell you.

I am 3 level ups from a renown of 20, so that means it takes 119 level ups to make renown of 20. If you have jarlaxle that is 10 characters at 11.9 level ups apiece, so we will just call it 12. That means if a player has all of their characters, assuming jarlaxle, they just have to have them all at 13 to make renown of 20.
This just shows that renown is once again not a way to gauge power levels. All it is is a way to show how much you have leveled and that only works for a little more than half of the leveling journey.

Since renown is based on leveling, people can not just refuse to level up for gear and gain renown at the same time

Managed to get to here this morning. Next battle started to “cheat”, shift to 20% dmg, miss etc. Stopped playing and just did a few battles this arvo

Had a strong feeling that I would get cheated again and told myself not to play but couldn’t help myself

Of course. Boom, 2 battles against people substantially lower than me and in both I had negative probability of win before I even moved. Back 90 trophies :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I actually passed the 3k mark for a few fights… I am at 2900 and some now… I told you we would both make some ground in the last few days the season lol

With less easy bots then there were in the past which means less overall trophies floating around I am actually ok with where I’m at

PvP is such unbelievable garbage - just lost 4 battles against substantially lower teams, all of which I had absolute zero chance due to turn order and character combos

It’s an utter disgrace that your not allowed to give the developers a serving

I should have kept playing this morning as I think it’s rigged in regards to length of good and bad runs

Yes but at least you got the 3000k chest

Mine was ok let’s get you to then that will enable you to o cross them line then start “cheating” hard

Yeah I get where everybody feels cheated and I am not disagreeing that it certainly looks like shenanigans going on, but overall I slowly rise up the ranks as I slowly gain levels and gear so I am ok with it. I have seen the same stuff happen in my favor so it’s hard to be too upset

I get others frustration though. Fortunately I am pretty laid back and hard to stress out

I’m to tired of “waiting for unbeatable bot” to even care about about anything game related at this point. I’ll stick around awhile longer, but at some point. I’ll just delete game “waiting for unbeatable bot” It’s gotten so bad it’s effecting the stuff I liked about game. What I liked most about game was farming to build characters. I managed to drop a purple chest today. Instead of getting excited, my first thought was. I wonder how many gem sells they lost because they aren’t needed to open chests that you only get if you win. No point in paying to open it to keep que cleared for next. Don’t get enough wins trying to get kills for battle chests lmao. Maybe it’ll be better next season. When I’m stuck in the gravity well at a lower bot level. Maybe I won’t get to level 20 bots…

My fathers nickname for me has always been Mr laidback but games drive me wild sometimes :wink: