Reopening Broken Battle System discussion


Ludia closed my first discussion so I am reopening it here if anyone is interested in continuing the discussion of possible solutions to the Broken Battle System. I will try to find the good suggestions from my original post to add here with recognition for the poster of the suggestions.


@Colin_Goodman said

Throughout these forums I have repeatedly put forward the idea that Arenas need to be dinosaur level specific. If you fight in a given Arena then all the dinosaurs on your team must be within that level bracket. It’s the only way I can see to properly balance the Arena fights. It would allow you to fight in lower Arenas to farm the respective dino DNA too.


@Rathelon had this suggestion

Why not have a level cap in the arena? All dinosaurs above set level cap for that arena are automatically brought down to that level. May help with over leveling, though having a level 5 indoraptor in arena 1 is still an advantage, but at least damage and HP are scaled down.


what really needs to be fixed is the “random” incubators that are not random at all. if every battle incubator didn’t “randomly” give you stygimoloch gen 2 and proceratosaurus people wouldn’t need to drop arenas.

but reality is that the incubators are not random. ludia fixes them to give you the most worthless DNA they can. which results in people dropping arenas to increase the odds of getting certain DNA.


I had originally suggested matching with people that have relatively same level average of dinos in the team. Which became an argument unfortunately.


@Calvin_Tan said

Make the incubator given out randomly by the highest game level u reached and not specific arena.
If one can reach a certain level of arena it means the team is capable of playing there so should not allow player to drop arena further.
Incubator items to increase by the arena u in, so this encourage players to go higher for more.


arena is self balancing now. you win more or less around 51% since you are above 0 rank right now right?

You lose some fights, and get easier fights next round. The rank ALWAYS balances to your team + skill in the long run. As any anomaly, you can drop further or gain more ranks than normal, but soon you will be back to your normal rank again since you will be more likely to win/lose the next few matches.

Whatever solution you come up with, doesn’t have this balancing effect. People can and will win or lose disproportionately. Same level dino? different skill will allow better players to advance so much. Arena 5000+ using level 5+ dino just because you have better than average skill? Cap level, some bad players will forever be stuck in an arena rank with no solution as powering up dino doesn’t give you a handicap for your less than average skill.

Both doesn’t work in the long run, and will end up with fewer players and more players getting frustrated. Arena set by rank is fine as it is. With more players, the developers should lower the bracket range until it can match people of the same rank. But until we have the huge crowd to always match a player with another player of the same rank within 10-20 seconds, the rank range will be wide enough to see disproportionate dino level.


Not accurate, my cousin and I both experience losing more than 50%of the time. We only win around 25% of the battles, me a bit more than him cause strategy is my strength and his is his aim when shooting for DNA. Only reason I’m higher than him is because I’m good at battling, his dinos are higher level obviously with his aim. Honestly I could sit here and tear down all of that reasoning easily, but this thread is for logical solution ideas for the many flaws. So if you are just going to deny the flaws exist, please post in a separate appropriate thread. Otherwise I welcome any well thought out suggestions.


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Do you even understand what happens if you consistantly win 25% of your match?
Cause if you do, you know you will end up fighting level 1 players with your epics and losing?

Anyway, this system will place you around any trophy count which will give you ±50% to win, that is how good your team is combined with skill at that moment


Rng alone should get you better than 25% - I stand by my hidden comment.


I will say this one more time, this thread is for rational discussion of possible solutions. I would appreciate if you take the naysaying elsewhere. My first thread was closed for the reason of trolls wanting to come in and argue.


My comment was discussing the topic in a rational way, concluding there’s no need for a solution.
You having a problem is not the same as the system being broken.

It feels like you believe everyone that has a different opinion is a troll.


please do type out your counter argument to my comment. you saying that you are only winning 25% of your fights isn’t rational. As you would be rank 0 or negative if the system allowed that.

you mentioned: “i could sit and tear down blablbala”… so please do it in a rational way.

Honestly though, if you just want to vent, then vent. Dont open a discussion topic and ninja it into a venting topic. People will be more understanding to your losing plight. We all experience it before. We just dont whine and ask the game to change. We play more arena and we are back to where we are suppose to be rank wise.


He just doesn’t want to hear that his idea won’t work and will say that the programmers will take care of any exploits that prove that his way is broken. They should just lock this thread now because it’s gonna happen sooner or later.


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No thanks, just not same lvl dinos. Then you can just put even more dinos in trash along with Stigymoloch gen 2.
I’m facing daily opponents with 4-6 or even more lvls higher dinos than my lowest in team are. Faced opponents with lvl 22, 23 Stegodeus. My lowest dinos in team are lvl 15.

Attacks makes dinos difficult, not lvls. Lvl 10 Indoraptor will still beat other lvl 10 dinos, cause of evasive stance. Same would be with Stegodeus and Indominus.

Also caping arenas with dino lvls means majority of players won’t se arenas higher than Lockdown.
And most likely you will play same players constantly.

Only thing that is broken are arena exclusive dinos, which are mostly trash.

I’m also against deranking, as is pretty much useless. While I was in Nublar Jungle, got Triceratops only once (in last incubator before going into higher arena) and never saw Raja. Even incubators are all RNG and on long run you will get DNA that you want, no matter in which arena you are (of course if you are not in lower arena than dino which DNA you need).

Just got lucky and got a lot of Gallimimus DNA in 12h rare incubator (not capped with arena dinos), eventhough I’m in Sorna.

However, something needs to be done with matchmaking. Probably healthiest solution would be to cap matchmaking on 200 trophies max difference, except for last two arenas if there is not enough players to meet that criteria.


Good points, admittedly a little confused by the first paragraph but the rest I follow. Sound logic on it too.

For example

Is correct and also why dropping down arenas on purpose doesn’t make sense to me. If you are at or above the required arena then you’ll get the DNA occasionally.

And your last comment is exactly the issue I want to address, the matchmaking. Gotta say I like your approach, think it’d be effective and fairly easy to implement. Although I would probably consider not applying it to the last few arenas. Cause honestly if you’ve gotten that far it’s going to be a toss up either way considering everyone else will have just as many dinos and more diverse teams at the same relative high levels.


In first paragraph I mean that with same lvl dinos in arenas even more dinos would be useless, as many dinos are just too glassy or have to low damage on same lvl as others, to equally compete in battle.


Yes. Just got worked by someone who had legendary dinos and double my level of dinos. Almost every hit was critical…makes me hate the game and want to delete it.