Repalce Indominus with Spinotasuchus in this team?


Should I replace Indominius with Spinotasuchus in my team? Both are level 20.

Or should I replace him with someone else OR please suggest better team combination?


I would def go with that replacement. High speed, and more to counter than the indominus. Relying less on luck.

it might be to early for that… you still need to replace pyrritator and tryo. i also think monostego should be on your team. just my two pennies

Replace Pyrritator and Tryo with whom?

eventually you may have too. my irex made it longer then they did.

I’d keep tryo very good tank buster and immune. Replace either irex or pyrritator. Your preference on which both have their uses.

Thanks and

what about Gorgosuchus? He is level 18 currently and I think I can take him to level 22 at-least I think if he can replace someone in team?

i think from what ive heard, gorg would be better on your team then tryo.

yeah. i believe gorgo would be a better option then tryostronix. but dont take my word for it. ask more before investing. looking at the kits. gorg wins but is not immune(can cleanse but can get stunned). tryo can cause major damage if ready to crush can be used but its hard to execute that.




Hi Hersh (things)

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Hey @Pateradactyl!
How’s it goin?

im no pro although i play one on tv. maybe you can give this dude some advice lol @Hersh

Haha I’m no pro either …here or on TV :sweat_smile:

Lol, and megalosuchus was my suggestion to replace. Hahah, I don’t just go posting random family guy memes… though that would be fun😁

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oh lol i thought you saw this convo one to many times and were backing out haha. way over my head :airplane:

so replace megalosuchus with spithasuchus? And Gorgo?

you kind of have a lop sided bunch, as far as levels go. what trophy level are you at?

I would be careful leveling up both megalo and gorgo, especially with spinotasuchus on your team as well. Kapro is going to be torn in too many ways.

I try to limit mutual ingredients to be split for no more than 2 hybrids.

As far as gorgo goes, I’m a huge fan. I think with it’s cleansing, it would be a superior option in the anticipated upcoming bleeder meta.

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I am hovering around 4450 to 4600 trophies.