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Repeat Bug - Battle Season Timer Missing ... Again

@Ludia_Developers, The Battle Season Timer has disappeared once again from the Battle Menu.

This repair was listed as “corrected” with the most recent update notes [See below - last bug fix]. Perhaps someone more competent can be assigned to the repair this time around.


Here are some of the most visible bugs corrected in this update:

  • Joppa’s epic weapon counts as a ranged attack
  • Saarvin’s legendary weapon description now displays the correct damage adjustment for the bonus ability at Level 1 (75% DMG)
  • Tommus’ Silverhand weapon does the correct bonus damage at level 4 (250%)
  • Rust Monsters now correctly identifies that only melee attacks trigger the DMG debuff
  • Guild Donations - reaching the daily donation limit now triggers a warning popup
  • The Battle Season end time is now visible in the Battle menu
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Thanks for reporting this, Orloch. I have forwarded this matter to the team.

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Thanks @Ronald. Is there any chance you can provide an update on how much time is left in the current season? As I believe we are approaching the reset some players may alter PvP choices based on the schedule. Any assistance will be appreciated.

@Orloch Looks like a little over 19h. Can still see timer under quest pass.

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Lonesomepixel is correct, @Orloch. For future reference, you can also check the timer from within the info button at the bottom of the arena list.