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Repeat conversation with sage

have gotten the same lines of conversation 3 times in a row

unmatched since was not all that interested in story anymore anyway. don’t know if anyone else will have had the problem or not at all.

I didn’t have that issue with Vitoria, that I can recall. I read her route when Lovelink launched, so it’s been a very long time since.

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don’t remember if ever did ether. after her story went how it did however after the glitch of other girlie just gave up,have other girlies to talk to that like better anyway.

I’ve got the same issue with Alex frederik. Repeated the convo about 8 times. I’m just using him for diamonds now.

welcome & that’s a shame. personaly tho am trying a new tactic,getting only the two guys that like that are available to chat& the rest will save for later on after have exhausted available content with favourite’s so can save up more gems for later on. plus am just finding it more enjoyable that way

have repeating happening with a favourite now​:sob::sob: don’t want to Un-match don’t know how else to fix it. its happened at least 8 times this past weekend& today. not all the same character but am getting tired of how often its happening.

I’m sorry you’re having repeated conversations with your match, TheKity. Our team is currently working on addressing this issue.

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