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Repeatable Quests (Auto-complete) and Astrid's duties

@Ned Right now it seems like the repeatable quests can no longer be used to complete astrid’s duties that require you to bring a certain color of dragon (or a rainbow team). Is this intended? If so, will duties be rebalanced, cuz it’d probably be more difficult to complete these without the repeatable quest.


Hey Zhyan, I’ll pass your concerns to our team! Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

Thanks, Ned.

Also i’ve noticed that for the duties that do get completed with the auto-complete feature, such as “Win 7 Battle(s)” from hiccup or Astrid, using 35 energy will only advance it by 1 battle. Perhaps they could change this? cuz it would be a little tedious to go and autobattle for 5 energy 7 times in a row.

Other than those concerns i do really like the auto-complete feature :stuck_out_tongue: .


Can we have a option to turn the auto-complete off?
I cannot complete the duties when the it is on, it is really frustrated.


I agree, I think auto completing should be a on-off feature, and not the way it is right now. It’s actually really annoying with the way it is set up right now.


I can’t tell if my update is off or if this is the new normal but I have auto-complete ONLY in repeatable quests and that’s frankly terrible. No way to sub in a team of different colors or test out new dragons or just play for fun?? Just press play to trade 5 energy bolts for eggs? Wow I hate this, and I just hope it’s momentary tech issue.

I honestly wish they would revert back to the old repeatable quest cause this new one is pretty bad.
Is it actually intended to not have a battle?
If so, can it be reverted to the old one so it can count as a battle when doing duties? Considering right now I’m sitting on an Astrid duty that tells me to do 7 battles but no way am I gonna actually spend 15 energy to do one battle.
So the new repeatable quest not actually counting towards battles is bad. Not to mention, how am I supposed to do the “use x color abilities 10 times” when this doesn’t count as battles anymore?
I’m thinking that this wasn’t very thought through at all and instead kinda just thrown as an idea without much testing or thinking. I’m hoping that the devs actually take this concern seriously and bring back the battle because this is outrageous and actually game breaking.


It only takes 90 seconds to complete the repeatable egg quest in the old version so this could not have been to make things easier. The only thing “Auto-complete” accomplished was to slow the ability to complete quests and therfore slow the ability to get chest keys…

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I was pretty excited for this until I realized that it was not optional, and it is seriously messing with the ability to complete duties.

I hope that it will soon count towards Astrid’s duties, because otherwise I’m having a hard time wanting to actually play considering how long it takes to refill energy and it’s discouraging to need a resource (eggs) and you can’t accomplish your duties. Just an overall waste.


I honestly love the auto complete on repeatae quests. I got so fed up with spending 50+ energy on something that is a forgone conclusion and just wasting the time that this is awesome. It should be a switch to turn on off at will but having this option is good. I much rather click 3 times and get my 100 eggs then having to go through the tedious waiting of something which has a guaranteed result, me winning and just having to waste time to get there.
Give it a switch for those who want it to be turned off but by Odin leave the option in. To me it’s one of the best things you added in the last half a year.