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Repeatable Quests in Exploration

Repeatable Quests in Exploration can now be completed using Autocomplete Quest only.
The reason why it was done is claimed that it is good for easier egg hunting.
I think it is wrong way - if Autocomplete is the only possibility I can not play these battless in regular mode.
So I can not play these battles for duties like “Use the X color dragon ability 10 times”, “Play 10 battless wit 2 same color dragons”, “Win X battles” etc.
I used to use different dragons in test teams in repeatable quest too, because in Exploration battles it cost too much energy and the oponents are very strong for testing purpose.
I’d like to have the option to use autocomplete feature or to play the regular battle.
If the option to select the way I would like to play the repetable quest is not possible, then i found the Autocomplete mode useless for me.


i really liked the repeatable quests and now that Ludia has taken away the option to actually do the battle, all of the fun is gone.

Thanks for the suggestion, Pehta!