Repeatable quests in Nov update

Where did the repeatable quests go that were in exploration?

Hey Mamabear, if you had completed all of your Exploration stages, repeatable quests will no longer be available. However, our team is looking into re-adding them in the future.

On Reddit it seems there is a screenshot of one of the regions where the repeatable quest seems to be unavailable (im thinking Wild Woodland 41 to 46). So I’m guessing @Mamabear is talking about a similar case, but perhaps in a different region?

Hey Zhyan, would you be able to show me that screenshot? Thanks!


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it is in wild woodland

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I haven’t completed it. the screenshot @Zhyan posted is exactly what I’m seeing, the only difference is that I’m on level 45. I need to be able to get eggs to get past this level. without the repeatable quests I’m stuck


Hey Mamabear, if you haven’t already, could you please send a screenshot of your exploration map along with your support key to our team here at so they can take a closer look?


I’m having the same problem. Except I’m on level 13 of the badlands. Without the repeatable quests, once I’m out of eggs I’ll be completely screwed.