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Repeatable Quests

@Marcus the way the duties are currently structured requires that we do a lot of repeatable quests to get eggs/fish/coins. These battles often feel like a chore because they are so easy, even if you set little challenges for yourself. Is it possible to make them a little more difficult? Not so much that they become impossible :hugs: but more of a challenge so one actually has to think while playing?

Thanks for an amazing game. The arena is a blast and the DT event was fantastic. Thank the team from me. :heart_eyes::dragon:

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i think instead of tweaking existing quests and what not, they should add new content (not talking about complete rework); keep the existing “simpler” content so that new players can be onboard into the game easily. As for new content, something like a new challenge mode, new storyline / better alternative storyline, or some kind of tower / dungeon system. (there are tons of other ideas from other match 3 type games…what makes this one fun / different for most of us is the love for these dragons :smile:).


@Isladragonrider and @Tetsuo_Umezawa,

Thank you so much for the feedback! I will definitely share your suggestions with them, have a great day :slight_smile:

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