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Repeated legendary bug has not been resolved yet

Fizbanius previously posted about their problems with legendaries being the same ones repeatedly. I’ve had a much worse experience and am absolutely done with this incompetence.

Over the past 5 weeks, i’ve gotten only Nayelli legendaries from random drops. Out of the last 18 i’ve gotten, the following has been recorded:

5x legendary helmet (Radiance of Tyr)
2x legendary wrists (Judgement of Tyr)
8x legendary chest piece (seriously? Just remove these from the game already)
3x legendary ring (Brooch of Shielding)

Wow, this is more than i originally thought. I believed it was only 10, but seeing how it was 18 total! This is absolutely unacceptable and anyone still paying money should demand a refund if this has happened to you. If a game states the rates of which items appear, they should be accurate. A 1 in 54 chance should not repeat itself 8 times from 18 attempts. The probability of that is close to impossible and yet, it has happened to MULTIPLE people.

This problem needs to be fixed ASAP, because it interferes with a core part of the game. The devs need to compensate everyone affected if they want to stay within the good graces of the community.


@Ned can you help us with this issue, please?

It seems to be rather common, as demostrated by the experiences of several long term players.

As per the message I received from the customer service this is a known issue which is still on-going and under investigation.

Top/long-term players are the one who, usually, dedicate a lot of time and resources to the game; as a consequence they are much more impacted by Legendary cards dynamics in comparison to regular/casual player who, sooner or later, may leave the game.

I think Ludia would benefit a lot, from a reputation (and VIP subscriptions) point of view, if it compesated the impacted players (as I was).


I feel for you @Lividfrost. These unbalanced drop rates are completely unfair to the players, specifically those like Fizbanius and yourself who have collected large quantities of a small group of items. My situation in this regard has not been as miserable, however I still feel the pain. I cannot obtain a single copy of two desirable items, meanwhile I have enough copies of other Legendary Items to improve them to Level 3.

I am in complete agreement with your assertion this concern needs to be fixed ASAP. Unfortunately, I suspect the influx of support tickets surrounding this concern will be round-filed alongside the heap of connectivity issue tickets. I anticipate the problem will likewise remain unresolved and Fizbanius will be the only one compensated.

Further to this point, many algorithms and changes implemented by the developer have been suspect at best. As such many players are carefully tracking and reporting such irregularities. In far too many instances, the consensus surrounding these issues is developer mistreatment of players. As such, I suggest it would be wise for the developer to discontinued rigging events, manipulating drop rates, scaling challenges, etc. These unethical practices are outmoded and generally avoided by reputable developers. Its time for the developer to harness integrity, fix these ongoing issues, appropriately reward effected players, and make an earnest effort to treat all players honestly and fairly.


Now to top off the initial problem, unsurprisingly I received the same item twice in a 2-for-1 pack, However my quantity for this item only increased by 1. [Cursing loudly] Time to submit yet another ticket.


I’ve noticed a few people reporting this as well. It was a well known issue around the christmas events.


I am experiencing issues as well with the legendary cards. I went through a period where all I would get is the legendary pally helm. That stopped when Joppa was released. Now I only get Joppa legendary cards.

I also put a ticket in to support about this issue and have not received a response yet.


@Greenwave this is happening also to a guild mate: only Joppa cards.

Another guild mate bought 2 Jarlaxe’s Legendary packs (on 2 different accounts) and looted 4 times the same card:

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@Orloch and, usually (if not always) these Legendary items are of the useless kind :thinking::wink:, very strange


I bought 2 of the 2 for 1 legendary packs last week and for both packs experienced the same thing as you. I raised a ticket and got told that I was wrong and received the correct amount of cards. I will never buy these packs again


How it is possible to program badly a sinple random number generator? I just don’t understand these huge issues.


Your experience seems horrible and unfortunate @herpderp,

I understand they can confirm the correct quantities within the database. I expect support will investigate and correct my issue with the missing Legendary item. It should be easy to confirm and free to fix.

On the other hand, I have two other open tickets I suspect may not so easily be resolved.

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I submitted a ticket and the reply was basically, “we’re sorry you’re disappointed in the randomness of the math.” They did not acknowledge that there even could be a bug.

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Interesting @Styrixa , support staff have already acknowledged this is a known issue. At least one player was handsomely compensated. Perhaps the support personnel who responded to your ticket was unaware of the issue. I would consider resubmitting your ticket inclusive of links to the appropriate forums.

I have a similar ticket open and am curious to see the response. Oddly, I am no longer receiving generic responses acknowledging my tickets are received.

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They always start by saying “we are sorry but trust us, it’s completely random”, always.
You have to insists, insist a lot, I also used some statistic math calculations as a support :joy::joy:


Funny I had basically the same answer about randomness with an issue that random wasn’t even a factor

Hey Fizbanius, sadly, our team does need the account information so they can investigate further into the account.

@Lividfrost, I’m sorry to hear that. If you haven’t reached out to our support team, could I ask you to send them an email here at with your support key?


I have, I was given a response similar to “we’re looking into it”. This doesn’t help the situation now because i’m still affected. Ideally i’d like compensation.

So, i was told i’m not affected by the bug, even though it’s statistically and realistically impossible for me to get this combination of legendaries in this pattern. 7 chests, 5 helmet, 6 wondrous, all within 5 weeks… as the only legendaries i’ve gotten. Guess who’s going to call their bank today?

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The response from support was unacceptable.

  1. They are insistent I received two of the duplicate card, even though I have before and after photos proving it only increased by one. They did not check, they just denied.

  2. They are requesting I provide the dates and times of incidents. As this is a global issue this is unnecessary. I was not tracking this as precisely. It is obvious when I have recently added 10 to my Fiendish Vials. This should be adequate information.

As an alternative to contacting my bank, I will have another conversation with Chris at Wizards. I am sure he will be equally enthralled with this nonsense.

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In the meanwhile…I’ve dropped 3 more Broocks of Shielding in the last 5 days: 2 from the Heroic Avventure last weekend and one yesterday from a red chest :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: