Repeating dinosaurs


If this has already been answered or addressed feel free to delete this or move it.
I have noticed a couple of times when fighting the opponent using the same dinosaur twice. I will kill the dinosaur then they will put the same dinosaur full health back in. (I still have credit for the kill) is this a glitch or a cheat? I’ve never had it glitch on my end where I can reuse the dinosaur. Has this happened to anyone else?


Happened to me too! Yesterday an opponent used two triceratrops in a row!


Glad I’m not alone. First time it happened I was half asleep while playing so I thought maybe I dreamed it? But it JUST happened and I know I wasn’t asleep. I would think it could be a simple glitch but I’ve NEVER had one of my dinosaurs repeat while I was fighting. I took a screenshot of their name Incase it is cheating. (I did still win :sunglasses:)


their to busy banning people to care if the games broken or not, DW, its ludia, expect the real P2W dinos soon (their DNA will be exclusive from a 5000 crash incubator and they will be faster and have more attack then a velociraptor)


Probably fighting a bot and it’s just got it’s library wonked up.


It’s stsrting to be more common, the past week or so I’m noticing this. I’ve been playing since the launch. I guess it could be a bot. Just odd I haven’t experienced it prior.


I’ve never seen it.
I’m just trying to think what that would look like on the other persons screen. Like, do they have two Trikes in their library? Or does the one that just got defeated insta-heal and ready to go again when it’s time to grab a new one?

Could also be a bug in the system where two different dinos are showing the same graphics on screen. Are the move sets the same as well? Or just the appearance?


I can’t see what they have obviously but it’s the same as them having two of the same dinosaurs. I have to kill it twice. I do get credit for two kills. The moves are that dinosaurs moves. I have no clue.


Need to record a video, never seen that! Maybe you seen trike and trike gen 2, same for tyrannosaur!


Yeah… That’ strange.
I’m still going with my bot theory, if for no other reason than having two of the same dinosaur doesn’t make a lot of practical sense in terms or hacking, unless it’s a top tier beastie.


No. It’s happened three different times with three different dinosaurs.
In fact just happened again.

I get that some look similar that’s why the first time it happened I chalked it up to being tired. But others have had it happen as well.


This person just did it to me, its insane