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Repeating explore mode stages for secret rooms

I tried to find an old thread for discussion but couldn’t find any, so apologies if there is one on this topic.

I’m trying to establish if it’s better to repeat an explore mode stage over and over to find secret rooms, or to just move ahead and unlock more challenges/increase free chest rewards. Has anyone done any investigations?

Definitely keep going

Once explore is completed you still get secret rooms in challenges plus you get access to locked rooms (requires character at certain level), plus the higher challenges have more gear so you want to farm the highest one that u can get at least 2 dice on

I suggest stopping once you feel like the enemies seem like their getting a little too hard, for example when you can’t complete a quest node without losing a character.

Advancing the explore mode story line benefits you by unlocking challenges and slightly increasing the contents of the items Durnan sells and the content of secret chests.

The down side is that the challenge you unlock might be too hard for your characters, and you could go down from a 3-dice challenge reward to a single die. I also like having Explore mode available to rush quests that are otherwise difficult to complete.

For myself, I haven’t completed the final explore mode storyline for the above mentioned reasons.

A happy compromise is to redo levels which has “walls” and try to find secret rooms there. I’ve found that upon redoing a node several times, I end up discovering a secret door that wasn’t visible previously.

Did light finger when my characters were 12-13. U should be able to 2 if not 3 dice it.

That seems preferable to me over keeping one explore room open

Lightfinger Estate seemed simple when my heroes were in the level 12 to 14 range.

However with my heroes now at a level 16 range, completing Challenges in Lightfinger Estate has become impossible. On almost all attempts I manage to obtain two dice (barely), but I have since been unable to complete room 7. With this in mind I would recommend following the approach presented by Retsamerol if a player plans to continue levelling his/her heroes.

That’s true it has got harder since I first got through it. However I think I’d prefer consistent 2 dice in a higher challenge than 3 dice in the next below