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Replace 8hour cooldown with 3chests/day

The current cooldown on duty chests is really annoying and ”controls” which hours to play.

I.e, If i open a chest at 6am, then i can open next at 2pm and the last one at 10pm. Then it starts over…

The limit should be 3 Duty chests per day instead of 8hour cooldown, so it gives more freedom and flexibility on when to play. Because right now the game is built up around the 8hour cooldown.

This would improve the gameplay a lot!!

@Ned @Rose any plans to change this? :slight_smile:


Hey there jiim, thank you for the suggestion!


Or at least let us speed it up, everything else can be. It is annoying to have to wait so long, perhaps another option would be to have a bigger chest, perhaps 20 as an option :thinking:

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I love this idea, And would love if this play on your own schedule type idea branched out to other areas of gameplay as well. For example we currently can get 4 free tokens a day already if you log in every 6 hours… but what if it was log in something like every 5-10-or15 minutes and have a limited amount like 3-4-5 tokens per day.


@Ned we shouldn’t have chest caps so one person can go as fast or slow as they choose so they can/don’t have to wait for the next day/8 hours. Basically there shouldn’t be a limit to how many chests that a person can unlock at any given time. Thanks for reading this or whatever. You guys are great and I’ll see you in the next comment. Peace.