Replace for a thor?

I will not replace Indoraptor, or tragodist. Also im mid-lockwood

I would replace allosino. Thor does more damage overall.


Thor is without doubt better than Allosino. You know what to do

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Ok but is there anything else I should change

phorusaura is an option if you want to experiment with her. but I think you’re pretty solid atm.

Get Indominus out for Thor.

either TraGod or allosino

Paramoloch should be replaced. Not a huge fan of it as stunning isn’t too great at higher levels. Tryostronix is better than thor if you have the dna for it though

Take out Allosino and Para for Thor and Phora, Thor has more DMG and DSR instead of API and Phora, well, it’s incredibly powerful with the IR and RAR.

Take out Para, replace Allosino with Thor. Tryo is a pretty solid choice, I’m still using him at high Aviary, and he’s dominating the Trykos and Maximas(and occasionally a few Indoraptors that have a lower speed than my Tryo)

Allosino out thor in, would also get rid of Para and put tryo in there, phorus surprisingly good too even at lower level.