Replace indom with indor?


Do you guys think it’s wise to replace your indominous with your indoraptor when you unlock the indor? It’s really the only one I’m considering replacing. Or are both assists to a team? I just don’t care for the gamble :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Why not both?

Indominus + Monomimus together on my team almost always result in a win, unless I literally dodge zero time (very unlikely) or up against all nullifying (the worst I have seen was two nullers).

Having three dodgers is pure lolz, but also pretty good as a lineup. I’ll soon have that myself, hehe…


Ok cool! I don’t have mono yet, I was just getting frustrated that when the game comes down to my Indom cloaking and the cloak fails, I lose :sob:


Keep Indorex on your team.

I took mine out because she was level 20 and the lowest level on my team but I’m actually going to put her back onto the team if I’m able to level her a bit more. Yes, cloak doesn’t always work but she is immune and still has high damage output. Super unpopular opinion but I’ve found her a bit more useful than Tryostronix of equivalent level.


Keep both. The cloak move is a game changer. I once won a battle at 2-2 with almost zero health cos it evaded both hits.