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Replace Treasure Hunt with a Poacher Hunt

I do like the treasure hunt Wednesday but that doesn’t really go with the Jurassic World theme.

Maybe in JWA 4.x you can make a poacher hunt day like the treasure chests. You have a poacher replace random drops. You poke on them when your close enough and that puts you in a battle. You select your dino team and defeat the poacher team. The reward would be the same as chests being just coins for stopping the poacher. Then the drop appears back again like after grabbing treasure.

You can have different levels of poachers…
Carl the common poacher. (Grey or White color)
Robert the rare poacher. (Blue color}
Edward the epic poacher (Yellow color)
Each would have different level teams.
If you can find and defeat all three during the 24 hour period, maybe have an extra incubator prize.