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Replace Weekend PvP Tournament with Group PvP Tournament

Group PvP is something I am hoping for in 3.0. I think a good way to implement it would be to have group PvP weekend tournaments.

  • Have teams of 3 or 4.
  • Have creatures selected from the friendly battle team or create a group PvP team.
  • Let them be all level 26 so everyone can play.
  • Have a boost and no boost weeks.
  • Keep the same 10 takedowns for individual players.
  • Allow a player to set up a team from their alliance and join a PvP battle.
  • Have teams of random Alliance players, takedowns split between players.
  • Winning teams players gains trophy’s for their alliance.
  • Teams with all one alliance will get all the trophy’s if they win.
  • The rewards will work the same way as regular tournaments earning toward incubator levels.