Replacements for Indor

Seeing a few less in the arena and wonder what are good options. Is anyone using anything newly created?

I created and boosted quetzorion. Only L23, but hopefully once the L20 snafu gets sorted I’ll get some ptero DNA back and go another level or two. I like it. The swap in dodge combined with boosted speed gives it a nice little advantage - but only against certain things! It’s great against erlidom.


The Quetz birdie sure is in high demand. I created Quetzorio but it will take some grinding to get it to a useful level. I have thought about putting boosts into my 30 Meg, but really don’t want to regret it.

i have a lvl 24 boosted.
i was trying to decide what dino i would drop from my team when i unlock magnapyritor… well, ludia helped me with this dodge nerf. indoraptor for sure.

magna doesnt need cleanse because already immune, so 1.5x damage has other 2 better moves (nullify and distract). also has same 2x ds rampage. and if needed, the basic 1x move also break shields.

well… way less health and little less damage, i see… but against non-immune, distract fix lack of hp.

i only need much some pyro, irritator and dimetro dna hahahaha.