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Replacing Ankyntro/Alankylosaurus

Well, I didn’t think I’d ask this, as I’m nowhere near End Game yet, but I saw mention on another thread two tanks aren’t relevant right now, so why not? I’m only in Jurassic Ruins, and I feel like I might still be seeing enough I-Rex to warrant Alankylosaurus and her Swap in Invincibility, but I’m open to suggestions on swapping her out if anyone thinks I won’t be seeing the big bad of JW as much.

dracoceratops boyz.

You will thanks me when you will reach aviary,not now.

No,seriously,do it.
Btw,you will probably need your alanky this week so,don’t say hurray

Sorry, but I’m kind of in the camp against Dracoce-RAT-OPs.


Level 19 Majundasuchus :eyes:

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Ignore that. She’s only up at that level because she’s the easiest for me to fuse for missions. :sweat_smile:

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mine is lvl 17.

When you are young,you do mistakes.
Like my lvl 23 T-rex …

We all have that one dino who’s super high level for no reason lol mines is my L18 (about to be 19) Nundasuchus lol

Personally i don’t like alanky, thera are better options for a tank in the game, and the potato is good, but I haven’t use it in pvp combat

tanks are bad actually for pvp end game but for some strikes tower,they are a must have

I love her because she’s such a great counter to I-Rex. Unfortunately, that’s the exact reason I’m thinking of benching her… She looks soooo cool though. She looks like a lava Wyvern, in my opinion.

Late game,you don’t face I-rex .
Of course its actually his best utility.

If it helps at all, I’m two levels away each from getting both T-Rex and Ankyntro to level 20. I can probably start fusing for Tryko within a few weeks, if I get enough coins and luck while fusing Ankyntro.

If you can,rush for tryko ,i got him since last week and he is a beast.
And man…dracocera!I mean you can go in the upper arena just with his presence you know?and earn a +1lvl arena incubator is not bad + the money earn from each victory

I hate to break it to ya, but my Draco Gen 2 isn’t even level 15. I’m not in local 2 very often, and I wasn’t getting much DNA requesting it, assumedly because not many in my alliance are either. :sweat_smile: