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It has been said. The rewards in Warriors, ESPECIALLY experience earned versus difficulty of enemies. Why are 2 level 1 Kobalds worth almost as much as 4 level 10?

It has been days since I played, to my surprise, today, 3 secret rooms on Harkald’s dungeon in one 3 dice run.

Still, progression on all fronts has basically halted due to the experience doled out now. It seems to have no light at the end of the tunnel right now.

Developers have had some time. I truly hope to see something change by February, or this game may find itself with a new status. Dumped. Happy Valentine’s, Waterdeep.


You want a simple solution to add a leap and a

Here: lvl one Kobald xp: 1. Level 10: 10. Or 12.
Harkald Firenutz: Level 1: 4xp. Lvl 8: 32.

D&D and experience. The game sucks up gold
like like my exes…jk…about the exes…come on, basic math, traditional D&D xp we all expect. Ad some real xp to the experience. Maybe moving forward won’t seem like you’re stepping into a deep pit.


I remember the reward chests really, REALLY
gave me a reason to replay and replay. What they
had was a game that sang for me to play it.