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Replaying levels


Good idea will be adding tge psobility to play levels again if I can’t beat the next one, I have to little team power and I can’t do also missions on a boat (max 2 levels) so my energy is wasting. And if I could replay it for resources etc. itf would be great.


Weird, when I started the game, I had no problems with making the initial story, unlocking repeatable quests (those on the boat) and later with making them.


I would love to replay levels as they give much better resources than the quests.


After all, you might as well ask for increased rewards in repeatable quests. Rather, the developers wanted to slow down our progress to enjoy the game longer.


As I said, it is waste of energy because I can do only two levels on boat and I can’t go forward with map because of my team power. I will be bored if I can’t do nothing in the game and still have 20energy to use.


This is a progression based game. What you are asking for - is the repeatable quest on the “boat”. It’s technically enough to spin the grindwheel. If you are struggling with these repetitive quests… I honestly have no idea what to suggest, that should be physically impossible.
But if you just find the rewards lacking - consider using Automatch+Autocast(two taps in the upper right part of the screen) to just “farm” these quests without spending time manually.

Also, there IS basically a content void between levels 5 and 16, during which you’d be very lucky to finish Tundra, and it seems like you aren’t. So farm repeatables until you get 16, hopefully while trying to manage resources and upgrade dragons - and you might yet continue.