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They are called speed boosts… been in the game since 1.7 hit…


When you opened your daily incubator, did you ever notice getting stat boosts? Try to figure out how to use them on your own team so you may beat those guys.


Speed boosts.


@Clau_Erde as others above me have told you, speed boosts are a thing :sweat_smile: and also, technically nobody is allowed to report or accuse others by name on the forums… just a heads up so you don’t get your forum account punished for doing so.

I’m surprised none of the mods closed or deleted this thread yet :joy: usually they are quick on the trigger when it comes to people accusing others by name…


It’s because they are low ranked. There are two different courts to be tried in.


Welcome to stat boosts.
Welcome to Jurassic Word Alive.

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Welcome to the nightmarish hellscape that is 1.7


Lol welcome to boost mania friend