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Report/Strategy: Sunday, Epic 30s Tower Order/Moveset (Indo is 1st/Blue or Styi)


Please help fellow DPGs with low level dinos strategize with the Epic Tower today on the order of appearance and movesets of the dinos.

To avoid confusion with the prediction poll, this post is separated from the original so this should be better representation of today’s event.

Please post any variations you have that’s different from the options! I’ll try to add those options but the poll can’t be edited after 5 minutes…lol

By popular polling:
INDO is first, your no2 dino is a toss up between blue and stygi
Movesets are favoring (based on 19 votes, will update as time goes on so if there are more votes use the graphics below please to strategize accordingly):
- Indo (variation 2): Cleanse, Rampage, Strike
- Stygi (variation 1): Shield, Instant Charge, Hit and Run
- Blue (variation 2): Pounce, Shield, Pounce
Over 50% of folks report that no crits occurred the entire match!!!

Monostego as opener makes the tower very much doable as it’s perfect for indo counter and possibly annihilation.
Strategy: Tank/Thago/Stun seems to be the best so get your 30% armored dinos and start stunning!

REMEMBER: If you repeat the tower, none of the below applies anymore!

Which order did you get?

  • Indo - Blue - Stygi
  • Indo - Stygi - Blue
  • Other - please make a post below

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Which moveset variation did you get for Indoraptor?

  • Variation 1: Cleansing Impact - Strike
  • Variation 2: Cleansing Impact - Rampage - Strike
  • Other - please make a post below

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Which moveset variation did you get for Stygimoloch?

  • Variation 1: Shield, Instant Charge, Hit and Run
  • Variation 2: Shield, Hit and Run
  • Other - please make a post below

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Which moveset variation did you get for Blue?

  • Variation 1: Shield, Pounce, Strike, Shield
  • Variation 2: Pounce, Shield, Pounce, Strike, Shield
  • Other - please make a post below

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Which dinos crit, if any?

  • Indoraptor
  • Blue
  • Stygimoloch
  • No Crits!

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Why it’s okay to lose the 3(30) tower:
Help! AI Data Collection/Prediction For Epic 30s on Sunday (Indo/Stygi/Blue)


Stegodeus first, slow Indo down, rampage.
Green chicken finished low HP indo.

Blue used pounce, green chicken used superiority strike and finished blue with stun rampage.

Styi showed up, green chicken rampaged and ran away. Styi didn’t have too much health left. Utarenix was up. Styi used short defense and instant charge. After two turns, my utarenix’s instant charge was ready and finished it off.


Good job! What levels did you use?


So I feel this tower will indeed cause a lot of rage. Nonetheless, here is my full report:

My strategy from wayyy back in some other post: Thor (25), Draco2 (26), Tryko (23), Dilor (28)

Indo is first! NO CRITS! It did cleansing impact and that was all it could do before I finished him off with Thor/Draco2 because Thor failed to crit (no RNG love)

Stygi next! NO CRIT. Draco2 survived the hit, I swapped to Trko (got stunned), swapped back to draco2 to sacrifice knowing stygi will run.

Blue last. CRIT on SHIELD! 5% really! I put tryko back in because with dilor as my trump I didn’t want to risk getting a crit. Tryko played out just as planned and died taking the pounce/shield/pounce variation. Dilor did superiority strike to finish off blue.

Stygi came back in of course, no crit, dilor survives hit and wraps up the show.

Rewards: 5128 Apatosaurus, 1364 Purussaurus Gen2, 327 Nodosaurus, 335 Dimetrodon, 158 Concavenator, 240 Koolasuchus = LMAO!!!


I did it with a 25 suchotator 25 indominus and a 26 stegodeus also a 22 Monosteg was in there also

Indoraptor first did cleanse move I bleed than next move was my instant distraction left me alive and I swapped for indominus and did cloak indoraptor died of bleed! Out came blue and my cloak held than used my super move against blue shield and took it out! Stygi came out with shielded strike and my indominus did some damage but it killed indominus! Third I brought out Stegodeus and did thagomizer brought Stygi to 1300 and rampage finished her!


Of course indo crit on cleansing stupid game :neutral_face: retry 2-2 only needed my indo to do one evasive but of course NOPE :sob:


I did it with level 20 Mono, Spinotasuchus, Stego, and Alankylo.

Mono did some damage to Indo

Spino killed Indo, Blue came in

Switched to Alankylo, Blue killed off Alankylo but SSed

Spino finished off Blue w/ 3HP

Stygi came in, switched to Stego

Stego got a crit on rampage and killed of stygi.

Got very lucky at the end there… heh.


Took me 3 tries but I did it with level 26 suchotator, level 24 Thor, level 24 stegodeus, and level 24 tragodistis.
(3rd attempt they came out stygi, blue, indo)

1st and 2nd attempts were indo, blue, stygi (i used 1st attempt 26 suchotator, 24 Thor, 24 stegod, and 25 monolemetrodon and 2nd attempt swapped my monolemetrodon for my 25 indo)


Sorry my video recording is too large of a file size and I don’t do youtube/online videos so I just did critical snapshots of the match. See my revised post above for the important stuff.

So it appears the AI Movesets are indeed fixed to 2 variations unless someone has seen something new. There is a more favorite variation indeed so there must be a 5% RNG or something (I’m sure metahub will figure this out…lol) that you’ll get the other moveset. It may increase upon repeat so maybe that’s why when you redo it’s almost a different setup.

So in the future we can just collaboratively work together to obtain the possible AI movesets variations and from there do the poll as always to see the possible ordering of the dinos

Keep the reports coming guys! I like data gathering!


My 1st try was normal Indo, blue, Stygi. Usual combo started with cleanse, pounce, and impact. I lost… 2nd it started with Stygi, then Indo and blue… I lost again with Stygi left at 104 freaking health… I pulled the wrong starter out to deal with Stygi 1st…


Everything went trash when stygi decide to shiel instant shield and run destroying my strategy, I won on the secon try


When both of my 75% stuns didn’t land, I thought I was done for. But I pulled it off somehow.


Order for me was Indo, Blue, Stygi.

I used 25 Spinotasuchus, 25 Diloracheirus, 14 Suchotator and 24 Stegodeus.

Made a video, if anyone wants to watch, here it is :smiley: -

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Nice finish with Draco2! Congrats! Hope you can do the same with your hubby’s account. It is definitely a strategy for tanks with slow/stun capabilities.

Thanks for posting the video of the anky and bary @Piere87, I’m jealous!


Definitely close call but you did well! Was unlucky to not land those stuns. You got rewarded so nicely with that Anky DNA (something I so badly need right now…). Congrats!


Thanks! I was so excited to see that anky! I’m 220/250 on Tryko to unlock it so I need all the anky I can get.


First attempt Indo, Stygi and then blue.

2nd attempt Blue, Indo and then stygi. ( I won 2nd one though )


For those who have Tryko, it can handle both stygi and blue easily. Just need something to guarantee to take out indo. Since it rarely or never cloaks, I used rinex+DG2.

Spinota (best 27+ to survive impact crit) instead of rinex could work too. Or a suchotator (not sure about necessary level).


Good show, @Piere87. I’ve been working on my monosteg, but still only at 20. I think I’ll still use a similar team, though my draco2 is also only 17, so it wouldn’t have finished the job.

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Posted this in the video form accidentally first.

Monostegops (19), Suchotator (19), Stegodeus (23), Indominus (20).

Monostegops slow/stun/nullify on Indoraptor - will kill it if one crits.
Suchtoator bleed+ID Blue
Indominus cloak+APR for Stygi.

Took two tries for me - you will need stun to work Indoraptor + Stygi a) not hitting through cloak twice b) not shielding at the wrong time. But it does work.