[Reported Issues] Jurassic World Alive | July 04, 2019

Hello fellow DPG members and happy 4th of July to all our American friends! :fireworks:

Thank you all for your feedback and efficient bug reporting! Our developers are aware that some unexpected bugs made it onto Update 1.8. Here’s a quick update on the reported issues since Update 1.8.

PUSHED FIXES | Patch 1.8.29

  • No more dropped Tournament battles - If one left an in-progress Tournament battle, they were unable to return until the match was over (~ 5 mins).
  • Visual discrepancies in Creature labs showing incorrect numbers regarding DNA components and fusions have since been mitigated.
  • Text corrections for players using the Japanese language setting.
  • Previously, only local radar-users were able to share a sanctuary with their Alliance for 24h.
    • Now, anyone who adds a creature to any sanctuary will share this sanctuary to the rest of the Alliance (up to the usual maximum limit).


  • In some rare occasions, the visual of the Sanctuary can disappear from the map view. You need to relaunch your app and reload for the view to update. If you have a creature in that Sanctuary, you can still access it via the lab.
  • Utahraptor animation freezes in Sanctuary.
  • Optimizing gameplay for iOS devices with 1G of RAM or less.
  • After accepting a Friendly Battle, some players are unable to enter the battle.
  • Some players have reported missing points of interest in their maps.
  • Matchmaking balancing: win/lose range will go from +/- 10 to 50 trophies to +/- 20 to 40 trophies.

If you encounter any other issues not included above, please be sure to report it to support+alive@ludia.com so that our team can begin working on.

Thank you once again for your support and cooperation!


Returning to a fair matchmaking based on trophies is not on their list?


Any relation to what supposedly happened at the 1.8 launch?

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-Unable to chat/message after doing a battle.
-Dinosaurs spawning on top of each other.
-Dinosaurs spawning inside strike towers/sanctuaries.
-supply drop spin and lag before returning to the map.
-alliance chat scrolling.
-duplicate animations inside sanctuaries of dinosaurs after feeding, playing, or interacting.
-phones getting very hot while playing.
-constant message saying the game updated and must be restarted.
-connection issues while having full service and no other apps running.
-game crashing after latest 1.8 patch a day or so ago.
-oh yeah and boost in general.


this! …

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Everything @Phil said.


As of right now, I’m seeing an error I haven’t seen before where my game can’t log in to the GAME CENTER. Is this a server-side issue?

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@Mitchell_Hein I have that right now as well. Of course I’m sure like everything else it’s our phones and service and not their game.

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Just uninstall and reinstall the game. That did it for me.

Remove Boots and the proplem ist down


My sanctuary disappeared, with creatures still inside. I restarted, cleared cache, and un/reinstalled… Sanctuary still gone. Guess I have to wait and start from scratch :neutral_face:
When I reinstalled, Supply Drops on my map had shifted as well.

This is most likely an issue with the google maps playable points getting update and shifting things around… same core issue when two different people have different maps. But a moved green supply depot or a strike is no big issue… when the game randomly decides a sanctuary is no longer in a spot it was before the update it equals progress loss.

“I’m sorry Phil, but these are not known issues. We did not know any of these problems existed, it has never been mentioned on the forums or through support. Our tiny list of known issues is really ALL that is broken in the current game. Please send your in game key and issue details to noreply@ludia.com, our support email.”

(phones getting too hot is really a phone issue though, that’s what happens with every app that uses 3d graphics or high cpu, although there could be some optimizations)


So still haven’t fixed rampage and run invincibility bug. Seriously, incompetence is sky high around here.

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100% it is the phone overworking. It started happening with 1.7 and did get worse with the first patch. Bloated code and optimization is clearly called for. What is Ludia’s most common solution to these issues? Clear cache, reboot and get on WiFi.

I would think this is what is causing all the lagging, drops, vacant maps, unable to connect and other issues many players are reporting. There is just too much information being pushed for the phones to process, regardless of connection speed and RAM. If the game ran smoother many of those issues would disappear. We all can’t have the latest and greatest phones on the market.

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I’ve noticed on a previous phone (iPhone 6s) that sometimes after not restarting the app for many hours, it kinda starts using more cpu. So much that it can drain the battery in less than an hour. If you restart the app it would last twice as long at least and get less hot.
This could be optimized, but I guess it’s quite complicated to keep an app “fresh” when you minimize it many times.
I currently have a slower Android phone and can’t really say I have this issue. Phone lasts for many hours and never gets hot. It’s just not powerful enough for it :slight_smile:
So it just depends on the phone, mostly. These things are really hard to fix for developers. Prefer that they focus on other “known” issues.

@Jorge can you post the full list of actual known issues? :wink: Or let us know how large it is?

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They never replied to my thread asking what we’re the 125 bug fixes

Thank Ludia for the matchmaking. More we loose game and points we still have the same difficulty to win a game! I loose 400 points and I have the force player in face of me. Very fair!!! I win 3-0 a game but I loose 2-3 5 at 10 battles

I know you do your best to make a great game but me to I would like to have near my house dilophosaure and dracorex. In zone 4 we have nothing good to raise our team. May be I should move to have the same chance of player in zone 1,2,3.

there is one thing that has not changed is catching on the battle and on the game map