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[Reported Issues] Jurassic World Alive | July 04, 2019

It would be nice if they added an option to show and no-show sanctuaries and strike towers if that would help our games run smoother.

When I’m out drop hopping and dino hunting. I don’t need to see the towers or sanctuaries and now my new phone with 3X the ram is starting to have the same GPS hanging issue as my old phone… I’m moving but the little pulsating dot still shows me back where ever it got stuck. I have to kill and reload the game all the time when this happens.

My local Sanctuary with my tuojiangosaurus inside has just become empty. On the Tuojiangosaurus dino menu, the green “ENTER” button doesn’t work!
Issue reported to support but am just receiving “swamped w bugs” message.

Screenshot_20190711-063708|250x500 Screenshot_20190711-063738

Hey Wavejumper, I’m sorry to hear that tapping on the Enter button cannot get you into the Sanctuary. Our team is aware of this issue, and they’re currently looking into it.

Always got stuck on Match Result screen randomly and it’s too frequent in a session even after tapping multiple times to go back to Battle Menu. It forces me to quit and restart the game everytime it happens and the annoying problem still does not go away . Thanks for making the game much worse than before.