Reporting Einiasuchus PVP bug


Pls fix einiasuchus pvp bug where players can stun your Dinos every turn by using the 10% minimal stunning strike by just letting the timer countdown. Very disgusting. Even lower for those that uses it


Now even more people know about this bug. Since Ludia doesn’t care about support or bugs, you will face it much often. I suggest you to delete this post.


I wondered why a player just done this to me, it didn’t stun me at all tho and still wiped them out;)


I’ll just have to deploy dimetrondon secontosaurus first to counter this exploitation. If these people so like shoot themselves in their feet drive away waste other players time, they will soon find themselves pvp only bots


Hmm, guess that explains why someone did this (before you started the topic) but it didn’t work at all. No stun against me. lol