Reports about VIP,moders something like that

So my friend emannuel his ingame nickname:Shadowslayer#7884 he is been getting a lot a free stuff from the game since he got vip so when i got vip i did not receive Indominus Rex which he did receive instead of me and he got acrocantasour and that was the first day, 2 day he got free legendarys creatures The creatures that he got Rexy Indoraptor gen 2 alloraptor For Free and and 5 more legendary creatures and since the started hes been gettings 15 thousand cash for Free 5th day he got the whole premium pass for free and his rexy has been leveling up by itself now his rexy is at level 21 7th day he got 4 free uniques The uniques he got Indotaurus the unique snake utarinex giminititan. He did not buy enything because i was technically looking him playing all day and him playing with me

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