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Reputation of your park


Hey, I come to you with another suggestion for Ludia to see her and take her into account or at least see him …

If there is something that has always displeased me a little, it is that it seems that your park is very lonely and uninhabited, and that there are no signs of a human being visiting the park, and that the only living beings that are our dinosaurs. So many attractions, and not a single person? In Jurassic Park Builder at least we had the vehicles passing by from time to time along the roads that we put. That’s why this idea came to mind and suggest it … From time to time you can activate a type of dynamic minigame, in the small people visit the park, and your duty is to impress them by putting your best attractions, places, restaurants or putting attractions near of the dinosaurs to attract people … Through this small dynamic, your park would gain reputation, adding points to get 5 stars and that your park has a rank or the title of the most visited park or "The best park of Jurassic World "

In this dynamic your creativity would depend to create the best dinosaur park of Jurassic World, which is one of the mechanics of the game, create your own Jurassic World … And that with this minigame you gain reputation and your park is very popular by means of the score to get a reputation You can get points even by putting certain attractions close to others, or the most incredible or impressive dinosaurs in the game … The prizes to go getting reputation, could be something of DNA or Super DNA …

Here I will leave screens a little retouched to give more or less an idea.

I hope you like and support this idea if it is like this: D


Not only that there are many things needs to be added
Give nickname to Dinos
Add the Dino icon on Code 19
Change the weather to rainy and day and night and cloudy
Add a time to see how much the Dino takes to hatch
Add yes or no opinion to use Dino bucks or no

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I don’t know about a park rating system, but I feel it could be cool to visit other people’s parks to see what dinos they have, and their park layout.

Even with the PVP being just bots, this game feels awfully secluded. I think the ability to visit parks would be neat, which you can then give ratings to said parks.

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