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Request a creature, and I'll make it!

I have quite a lot of custom creatures made using the creature maker for the jwa toolbox, and I’m starting to run out for ideas. A randomizer does help, but has its flaws. So instead, I’m asking all of you to come up with a creature for me to make! It can be a standard creature, or a hybrid, superhybrid, apex, aquatic, flock, really anything! Here are some rules for the creature requests:

  • Nothing too overpowered or underpowered, and should be at least relatively balanced if it were ingame.

  • No fictional creatures from other franchises

  • If requesting a non-hybrid creature, it must be an extinct and prehistoric animal, with a few exceptions such as Coelocanth, or other living fossils

  • You CAN request hybrids that are fused with a superhybrid, or a hybrid made of 2 hybrids. These may not be in the current game, but can be made using the jwa toolbox.

Edit: Not really a rule, and I will still make the request, but maybe tone it down on the Indoraptor or Indominus hybrid requests, as I get a lot of those and it gets pretty boring when constantly using the same 4 movesets for lots of hybrids. This doesn’t mean you can’t request these, and I will still make them.

If I run out of replies since I’m new (I just did), I’ll still make your creatures, it will just be delayed.

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Thylacotlar + Ankylodocirus

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Welcome to the forums @HolyPoly1026.

Can you try a scorpious + Spinosaurus

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Hey can you add relistent rampage too

I can, but I’ll have to change the moveset pretty drastically. Are you fine with that?

This Hybrids can’t be made tylacotator and with the other won’t work but you do it for fun

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I have creations of my own

I know, but I’m fine with making creatures that break the current hybrid rules.

We can share Of the ideas?

Oh so this is for fun

People can request whatever as long as it fits the criteria

Can i share my creatures?

yes i am fine with that

Or creations

I’m fine with that

Ok so you know the erlikogamma right? That it has no hybrid. If so I made a hybrid of that

@Shaurya2010 I actually didn’t have to change as much as I thought.