Request for compensations

Dear Ludia, I hope you are doing well in this time of pandemic.

On our side, our explorers are not doing very well. We have been trying to join for 3 weeks now to kill dinosaurs but several explorers do not answer the call.

We are now invaded by dangerous dinosaurs because we cannot kill them.

Also, some explorers have reported to us having had problems with their exploration radars.

Due to these problems, several explorers were killed or never returned.

So, we ask for compensation of $ 1000 for all surviving explorers so that we can continue fighting the dinosaurs or many will leave you.

$ 1000 cash, nothing less!!!

Thanks for your attention, the survival of humans is at stake!!!


I agree, it’s super frustrating and we’ve been trying for weeks

I agree, its one of the most annoying things in the game.

I agree. So annoying.