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Request for daily mission numbers



I was wondering if I could get some users to offer their daily Mission statistics. I am just wondering what an average, casual (30 minutes/day) to folks who play an hour or so a day, get for their daily missions. Ludia says they made the daily Mission possible by casual users, I believe it was 10 to 30 min per day. I am just curious how users actually do.

I am not looking for hard-core outrageous numbers: folks who throw over 3k darts/day, 70k+ DNA/day. I already have those. I am just looking for what is possible to expect from the ‘average’ player in regards to mission participation.

Perhaps others might be curious to how others numbers compare to theirs also.

I appreciate anyone who will offer information. Below are the fields I am interested in. All fields are not required, any information I can gather will be appreciated.

Thank YOU!!

Average Time spent playing a day:

Darts per day:

Total DNA per day:

Common DNA per day:

Supply Drops spun:

Coins per day:

Epic DNA per day or at least encounters per week is a plus. I see one to three a week, usually on the same day.