Request: Increase prox spawn radius


I know this has been asked before, but please consider increasing the prox spawn radius. If not to the outer circle, then somewhere between the inner and out circle (outer circle preferred).

I know there are two prox spawn points where I marked the red dots in this picture. I have to walk out to the road to get them to pop up.

While annoying, this is so much worse for those that play in moving vehicles (cars, buses, trains) because the super small prox spawn radius results in dinos spawning/despawning faster than people can tap the screen and press launch.


I’ve had that happen too many times. it spawns, i tap then it disappears before i can click launch. Nothing i can do about it.

If you could dart it, you should be able to see it.


So many Mammoths lost because of this when they were spawning.

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Lost a titanoboa few hours today for this same reason. Was moving in the bus and despawned before i could tap it.


i feel for you. rip :snake:

That would be infuriating.

For this I suggest the solution: Anything that spawns should not disappear for at least 5 seconds. Simple solution and doesn’t require much change.
I think that if you make all proximity spawns appear in the 150m circle, you’ll see waaaay too many dinos all the time.

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You say this like it could possibly be a problem.

I think the proximity spawns need to spawn normally, or at least in range.

Too many dinos around might not be the desired effect. It makes more sense from a logic perspective that you should always see them, but from a gaming perspective it’s more fun to go find the hidden dinos.

I agree they should remain on the screen for at least a couple seconds longer. So many times my phone will buzz and by the time I rotate 180 degrees it has despawned. Folks with older phones especially know what I’m talking about.

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You mean like a Samsung Galaxy S9+? Because that’s what I hunt with, and it does it on this phone.

I don’t mind if the proximities are common, but epics and possibly rares should be on the map. If I could see an epic I would head for it, collecting whatever on the way. Otherwise, I’m just aimlessly walking and hoping I bump into something. I’ve cut short loads of play-sessions coz of having nothing on the map to aim for.

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I’m pretty sure if there was a Brachiosaurus standing 200 meters from me, I’d see it and not have to walk within 50 meters of it.


I like this solution. I would also like it if regular spawns didn’t despawn for a set amount of time after you see them on the map. They often disappear as I walk closer :frowning: