Request - only two special event spots in town with 60.000 inhabitants


Hello Ludia Team!

I have really important request. Could you add more special event spots in my town - Tczew (code: 83-110) in Poland. Before you add patch 1.3, we’ve got only 4 special events spots in our city which has something about 60.000 inhabitants. In the bigest park of our town was placed 2 Special Events spots. Even then, it was not enough spots, in my opinion. Especially if in reality we have much more parks and green areas than game shows on map.

Now, after adding new patch (1.3), you’ve removed two special event spots. In my opinion something goes wrong with this change. It’s practicly impossible to get benefits from Special Events with such a small amount of spots. This situation prevents players from enjoying this great part of game.

Meanwile, in another neighboring city - Malbork, which is smaller town than Tczew (about 40.000 inhabitants), you can find probably more than 20 Special Event spots. Isn’t it lttle bit unfair?

Dear Ludia Team, please check our neighborhood and think about some changes. It would be great if you could do something about it.

Best regards.

Ghudnain #8470 (support key: [support key removed])

P.S. I’ve send you report with similar information from location placed near the bigest park of our town.