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Request refund of 400 gems

Hi. I know bots can be used to make the pvp more fun however, the blatant cheating is ridiculous. I have successfully Dominated a hero 3 times in 19 attempts. I have also had a cleric resurrect 4 times to lose the fight as the last hero. In normal play this is fine but when it costs you gems to restart in progression mode, it becomes a money grab. Either bots have incredible programmed luck or people are using cheat codes. Either way, I would like a refund as requested.

Unfortunately during events you are matched against more difficult opponents which makes it far more likely your abilities like dominate will be unsuccessful.

I have also been defiantly opposed to the event match making algorithm. It is undoubtedly a corrupt money grab. However, the algorithm has minimal impact on the long-term big spenders, who remain in favor of the current system. The developers do not care that most players abhor this system, as long as these events continue to be financially bountiful for the developer it will not change. Other players are simply being robbed by these events. This is one of the many reasons I avoid them.

Hi ludia I would also like a refund for lost gems due to disconnects during test of might. I know this wont be a problem because you are a good developer that values its customers and takes pride in its product. Thanks

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I love fighting bots, their AI must be pretty weak. They make some of the most silly moves I’ve ever seen.

Also, love the gem events (800gems earned)during the Jarlaxle event(maybe 300 spent) covered all I spent and then some.

Running through a few challenges can bank you the extra gems required prior to these event types.

Time is something all online games of today require, certainly to be top dog. Although this game not so much. Certain events take extra time, sure, but many days 30-1hr can do enough to make you quite competitive.

It’s a marathon not a sprint.

I am glad you enjoy these long drawn out events. Opinions can quickly change within a week,

I suppose a 50 win event earlier this week was exhausting (for players not using the workaround) but this 80 win event is peachy-keen. However, extending the event to 80 wins does not seem to qualify as the correction you were pursuing.