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The Spawn,Velociraptor spawns at night,and for many people it is not possible to play then,but they need Velociraptor DNA a lot,maybe make it a global anytime? How about that ? I mean you need so much DNA of one specific creature,and the best and only efficient way of getting the DNA. Velociraptor is a very important creature in the game because of the fact that it is needed for Indominus Rex,Indoraptor,Erlidominus so yes,it needs to be more common,hope you consider this.

Trust me, late game it gets really common. I’m sitting on a 50000+ pile currently(and yes, I still use Erlidom and Indoraptor). Strike events will give you plenty of Velo, like the JP Strikes or fast week


Run a giga scent at night. You’ll get dozens of them.


It gets a lot more common late game. i’m sitting on 97K with a lv 24 indoraptor and a 23 erlidom.
They also spawn at dawn and dusk, not just night.


I’m getting tons of them from incubators + strikes and scents + spawns. I’m even donating the stuff, and I’m investing in Erlidom.

I know,but not everybody is convenient with similar timings,I learnt that velociraptor spawn at night long back.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way this game is. You can’t have everything you want. You have to be willing to work for it.

It’s not convenient for me to get grypo because I don’t live or work in that zone. If I want grypo, I need to work for it by going out to get it.


same. if i want more carbo i have to travel to a different town, then find a park large enough to pop a scent. i love and hate small town living.

Indankraptor,I need it a lot,I am not late game,so I do not have it yet and it is very important to get Velo DNA in mid game.

They also spawn during the day at transit stops - in the UK there are bus stops everywhere and therefore raptors everywhere.

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Ok. But I am speaking of stuff that is required very much and is important,I mean Indoraptor is a very important first unique. I get unwanted Gryposuchus dna all the time,I think Tarkus does better than Grypolyth.

Oh! Lucky Guys .

If you get to Sorna Marshes, you start to get velociraptor and t-rex. I just got to Jurassic Ruins and get tons of it in incubators but never got in any in Sorna Marhes incubators. I find that in giga scents, it comes around at 7-10 more common than other times.

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Unwanted? Grypo makes a really good unique in the form of Grypolyth and soon will be needed to make that new terror bird hybrid

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If you really need it that badly, change your schedule and play at night. Simple as that. You get out of this game what you put into it. If you aren’t willing to put in the work, you can expect to stay where you are.

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Ok. I am in lockdown,both the practical COVID 19 lockdown and the Arena Lockdown.

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If I could send you some I would - could you request it from your alliance?

Grypolyth is pretty weak,I mean a Purutaurus feels on Par with it.

Which should make night hunting easier since I assume you can stay up late

Well I can stay up late,but not really my phone,It heats up really fast.