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Request to players to drop VIP and stop giving ludia money

Seeing the recent events, I sincerely ask everyone to drop VIP and stop giving them money until they stop messing with us


I already dropped it few days ago


I’m about to. But sadly they’re gonna see this thread and delete it.


Dropped vip 3 day before it gets new…i was a vip user Since Release but for this trash what Ludia is doing they don’t get Any more money from me again. Game over



yup darted the last trex last night and


Wanted to extend it because I still had an old gift-card that I never use, But nope I used to defend Ludia a lot and wanted to support them , but now its very hard to do. besides VIP doesn’t even have that many benefits over f2p players.


Already done. These developers are the most tone deaf I have experienced in years of playing games. It’s like they specifically go against what the players are asking for.


Only subscribed one time for St Pattys week events, then promptly canceled.

Why? Just because they refuse to give you the most OP broken dino’s ingredients? :thinking:

This week we originally had so many coin options, 4 epic strikes, both unique and legendary dinos to dart and iirc 4 rare strikes.

Can this game’s playerbase (respect to those that don’t) stop acting like entitled brats?

First you all ask for limiting the arena by asking Ludia to overbuff uniques, then throw a temper tantrum when that backfires to you, as everything seems useless when only 5 or so dinosaurs are worth collecting nowadays? The only mistake there was on Ludia’s part was listening to the whiners.

They have even spaced out and filled the empty days with dinosaurs… But then people once again whined about how letting everyone get the same broken uniques are somehow unfair (but godforbid actually fixing the problem with rebalance be it nerf or buff). No, once again, Ludia listened to the whiners, and then you still do nothing but cry about it.

You asked for it and Ludia delivered.

I also dropped VIP few days ago.

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My VIP expired early last week. But on seeing the weekend epics I wanted that Trex Sino DNA so I’m back on VIP for a month.

It’s frustrating incubators and creatures get shown and withdrawn. However I’m on the side of Ludia employee who offers us the good stuff not the mean one. A boycott won’t get the message through we want better prizes it will just result in the mean one getting more control.

Dropped it a week ago or so, as I dont play enough anymore to make it worth having.

I will prolly resub if/when PvE becomes relevent again. Could care less about Arena or my trophy score.