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Requesting Coin, Darts, Care Items, and Scents

When you’re in an alliance, you can request DNA. When you open the menu to do so, it says something along the line of “Select Resource”. So to improve this, I like the idea of requesting “regular” resources.


I love this idea! I also have an idea where you can exchange bucks for coins.

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Really like the idea, I would also add being able to donate the tons of epic dna I have, that I would absolutely love to donate to fellow alliance members

Not a bad idea, but would many actually donate coin, fips, or cash?

We’re out there :wink:

I suggested something similar in a post a couple of days ago, that I know how to implement a resource market like in Jurassic World The Game, to be able to exchange things we don’t need, for things we need.

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