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Requesting epic dna

I really think that requesting EPIC! DNA should be allowed.


Not all the time, maybe only on sundays like.

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clash royale, a game that knows how to keep pay to win out of its system. Get Supercell as a tutor, ludia.


I think thats a better way yeah, Supercell is doing it very good in that section

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If epic DNA can be requested, then people would just have multiple accounts and exploit it… So it’s really not that good…

I do think Epic trading needs to be a thing but in a controlled manner. Perhaps only weekends and it takes up your two requests a day. Something like that.


I don’t believe epic dna should be requestable. in too many alliances, it would always be the same players who donate. while others only request and do nothing else

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ya but those people in the alliance probably don’t need it and have a bunch of things maxed. Everyone donates what they don’t need.

Accounts mights do that but is that a reason to not allow everyone else have epic dna and ludia is pretty good at removing cheaters at least.


If they followed the business model Supercell has, I think this game will be just as successful. As I suggested in my topic here: JW Alive Wishlist. Though 2 priorities Ludia needs to focus on first are bug fixings and appropriate creature balancings

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Maybe make epic dna tradable, but not requestable. That way people are forced to make trades of equal amounts of epic dna, once or twice a week. Maybe it’d even cost some coins to make epic trades.
^More inspiration from clash royale btw, their trading/donation system makes sense and is balanced.
Either way, it should be implemented somehow.


This way we don’t have SpOoFeRs destroying everything with their max Gemini at level 15

Hmm, sounds neat, but don’t ya think people will always request for arena, sanc, incubator exclusives?? Basically farm for Allo Gen2 or Mammoth DNA… And then when max out the hybrids, they max out the creature itself, sin e it’s pretty good on its own… No, I think such creatures should be hard earned, like so many others that used to be…

I really think that a great idea would be making it like a weekend thing and controlled. But, I am sure that this idea should make more gamers enjoy the play. For example, I needed 3 dna for a next level… no way I could it found it as fast as I wanted it…
Just ideas…

Alright, I know many people Including myself have been thinking about wanting to be able to request epic DNA in the alliances. If you think about it really it would be logical to do. Members have so much epic dna that they don’t need and don’t want to waste so they need a way to give it away. Me and my alliance at least think it’s a great idea. I hope that people think the way we do and see from our perspective!