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Requesting info on Update

It has been three days since the launch of the defective update. As players anxiously await a fix I think it would be beneficial for Ludia to provide a few details on the planned patch and estimated schedule.

As a reminder to Ludia staff, one year ago a major update occurred which similarly crippled the game for many players. No updates were provided and most of the bugs were not repaired when the next update finally arrived. Many players expressed concerns with delay and lack of information, and abandoned the game.

Rather than restate the issues that resulted in many players abandoning the game last year, I have posted a link to last year’s forum topic in which many of the concerns were discussed.
Providing some information on the update may forestall another mass exodus.

Any information beyond the blanket statements ‘we have heard you’ and ‘we are passing your concerns onto the devs’ would be greatly appreciated.

Dec '18

Hey Orloch, rest assured that our team is aware of the issues from the previous update and that our team is working on addressing them. Sadly, I don’t have an estimated time at the moment, but please stay tuned.

Once we have more information, we’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!

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Thanks Ned,

I appreciate the quick response.

However, the content of your response is precisely what I am referring to.
Ludia is usually prompt to respond with blanket statements that never really provide the information needed to satisfy its customers. Warriors of Waterdeep players are always ‘left in the dark’.

In the spirit of cooperation i quickly found a link summarizing contemporary customer service practices.

Unfortunately this is the third major failed update for Warriors of Waterdeep over the past 12 months. The impact of these repeated missteps combined with the mishandling of related customer complaints continues to exhaust the remaining players. Modernizing the customer service experience may help maintain an active player base.

food for thought.

I do see where you’re coming from, Orloch. :sweat: If I’m able to share more information, I definitely would.

All I can say for certain is that our team is actively working on this, and I hope that doesn’t come off as being a blanket statement.

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Below is this week’s schedule. An update has not been included. Despite multiple indications from support it appears a correction for PvP mismatching is not forthcoming.