Requesting legendary

On next update can we add request on legendary or be able to place in sanctuary please?

Haven’t you already asked this before? If not, another person definitely did, and was explained why it was a bad idea. We already have epic requests. I don’t see why legendary ones are necessary. I don’t think the game needs more ways to get legendary dna stashed up quickly


Requesting legendary DNA wouldn’t even be as useful as it sounds. Many people donate common, rare, and epic DNA because they tend to get a lot of it from incubators, whereas you have to manually fuse for legendary DNA at the cost of the DNA for 2 other creatures, meaning people will often not donate because having spare legendary DNA is very uncommon.

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No there are alliance players who don’t have Legendaries

It could be argued that purebred legendary creatures should be allowed in sanctuary and why not donations. I hate hate hate purebred legendary creatures but since that is the direction the game is taking.

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I did ask it before yes , how come? I might ask again

I think all Non-fusible legendary creatures should be allowed in the sanctuaries now. That’s not going to affect the balance in the game anyways, yes you might get a couple arenas higher if you have a level 30 Rexy but eventually you will get stuck. One creature can only carry you so far.

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It takes 234 days to take an epic creature from level 20 to level 30 just by FIPing. If they were to allow purebred legendary creatures into the sanctuaries it would most likely take even more time.

Because you already had a bunch of people explaining how it wasn’t a good idea…

And? I’ll ask again doesn’t hurt anyone

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But why ask again when it’s a silly idea? We don’t need to request legends. It’s been explained to you before, asking over and over won’t change anything.

Silly to u and many more but again effects u nothing so I’ll keep asking till one day a change will happen! What is wrong with our country everyone just gives up and takes in fear instead of fighting for a simple change many have done it over the years and won so why not in a simple game?