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Requests for Jurassic world alive

Hi guys Albert here. I love Jurassic world alive and I miss some creatures and hybrids. @saurophaganax18 @alloraptor @xxcrocobirbxx you guys request the creatures and I draw them and I will take a picture of them


This defies logic but Alloraptor+Tryostronix

Okay alloraptor tryostronix hybrid coming up!

Can you give me more details?

Tryostronix body and spine but alloraptor size

Indonimus +indoraptor

@alloraptor here’s your alloraptor tryostronix hybrid the allorapstronix


How did you do it so fast

Wouldn’t that equal the Scorpius Rex Gen 4?

ya it would

Sorry no more Scorpius rexes

skoolasaurus + mortem rex

Okay! Skoolasaurus and mortem Rex hybrid coming up!


Here’s your skoolasaurus mortem Rex super hybrid!

@alloraptor you want another hybrid?

Not now, since I got to go… Maybe Later!

Okay! Bye!

can you do mine

Sure what hybrid do you want?