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Requests for Jurassic world alive

Hydra boa + Haast Maximus

Okay… An ape… Wait… aren’t apexes hybrids already?

No they aren’t

I can also draw but just i don’t know what to draw

Okay fine a haast Maximus and hydraboa hybrid coming up…

How about an Albertosaurus and Triceratops hybrid? With Albert’s animation set.

Okay an albertosaurus and triceratops hybrid is coming…

Here you go @shaurya2010

Thanks @Albert_Bert

@saurophaganax18 here is your albertosaurus and triceratops hybrid

You’re welcome

I am open all day and this thread is not just for drawing hybrids, you can request a normal creature and even an apex creature.

moretm rex

@Shaurya2010 that’s already in game. I am talking about creatures not in game

Even better!

How about this guy?

Kind of like a fusion of Spinonyx and Tryostronix, with some extra bits from Bryonyx Gen 1’s top stripe.

Okay i’ll try.

@saurophaganax18 Here is your macello ferox

You want another hybrid? I am open!

@Saurophaganax18 you want another creature?

I’ll make another request later. I have to go somewhere at the moment.