Requests to Join Alliance has Dwindled

A month or more ago, we would get requests from players to join the alliance quite often but has dwindled down to almost nobody. Maybe this is the reason for seeing more alliances advertising.

Are others seeing less requests?

Right now my alliance has only 27 players who have trophy’s showing and we removed most all the zero’s. We had one request from a person with one dino and we are not accepting anyone now if they don’t look like they have really played at all. (people only playing long enough to get Tapjoy rewards for some other game they are playing). Not going to have someone just taking up space who never logs on again.

I really want to have a last logged in date of alliance members.


Same here. Removed all the spoofers and inactives with 0 trophies, opened up quite a few spots (Trophy reset and spoofer blast much appreciated, Ludia!) and now getting requests mostly from level 5 and below players which I assume are offerwall players in it for the short term.

It’s too bad some of our top players were spoofers, but it is was it is and they are GONE! Good riddance. Thank you VERY much Ludia!

At the moment thanks to the seasons, you can tell if you have inactive players in your alliance. Before the recent season tournament started, everyone’s rankings which you could see through the alliance list were set to 0. These were updated as soon as the player did their first battle in the arena once the season started.

Anyone that still has 0 trophies in your alliance now is likely to be inactive as they haven’t battled for weeks now.

Granted it’s not a perfect solution, but in the meantime until Ludia provide us this simple mechanic, it’s one way of monitoring for inactive accounts.

Not a perfect system. I have players that rarely if ever enter arena. They are at 0 trophies but still heavily contribute. I know them IRL, not spoofers…just don’t want to deal with the arena in it’s current state.

A last login would be a far better solution for everyone.

I know, I did say it’s not a perfect solution. But players that never use the arena means they are unfortunately doing a lot less towards alliance missions.

I believe there are some bugs related to the 0 trophies and they do not reliably indicate someone is inactive or flagged. Looking at some alliance rosters, I seriously doubt some of their well known members are either.

Many times I look at my friend list and all have 0 trophies (that’s temporary, but shouldn’t happen). Each and every player requesting to join my alliance supposedly has 0 trophies. I recently took a chance and accepted such a player - who turned out to be a top contributor (and had trophies as soon as she joined).

Y’all can go ahead and kick folks who appear to be inactive or cheaters based on 0 trophies - I’m sure other alliances will be happy to pick them up.


This is true less incubators, less fight less take downs. Those are the longest we have to wait to fill.

I’m the leader of The Grown Ups, and some of our newer, lower level players are more active then some of our high level players. I know of a few inactive people in our alliance (and they are genuinely inactive) but I’m reluctant to kick them out yet due to no one requesting to join. I used to have requests daily now nothing. We are a pretty active bunch from all ranges of levels and trophies. We don’t care about that really aslong as people are contributing to daily missions and donations then we are happy haha :slight_smile:

Feel free to send a request to The Grown Ups, we range between levels 20 and 8. Our alliance is pretty full but we are slowly dwindling out the ones that don’t contribute. I’m just about to kick out a couple that haven’t been active for a while so we will have spaces . Obviously we don’t expect people the spend there lives on her, but we are looking for active players. We hit 4/3 in the alliance missions and hoping to improve this as we get more active people :slight_smile:

From looking back to when I was keeping up with a spread sheet of all my alliance members, most new members quit playing before getting to player level 10 and these are initially active. I’ve had many who I think only started playing and joined an alliance to get points for other games they were playing.

I also think the amount of alliances have grown which lessens the chance any one alliance will get shown to new or old players.

I bet there are even “dead” alliances now where they are on the books but no one in them are playing at all.

In the case of dead alliances, Ludia needs to set some kind of timer where if the alliance leader has not logged into the game for more than a month, the alliance is disbanded or taken off a “show listing” for people looking for one. OR they make it so the alliance leader needs to purposely hit a “Advertise my Alliance” button once a week so it will come up in a list to other players to see.