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Requirement for all JW players

Its good to allow to buy more dinos at a time until we wait for the dino to get hatched. When price drops we cant buy 2 or 3 at a time. I think its good to allow us to multiple dinos (up to the limit).`


I think the hatchery is fine the way it is,we can already fill in 4 slots with dinosaurs,so I do not see much of a problem there.

I think what he means is, that once you buy a dinosaur with DNA, you have to hatch it before buying additional ones. What he wants is an option where you could buy two or three at a time.

Well,preferably I am fine with it the way it is. I am sure it used to be like that before.

It definitely would be better but Ludia wouldn’t do it.


This would really benefit players because of creature discounts.


Yeah, you could buy 10 of something to hatch later. Ludia wants you to spend DBs speeding it up before you can buy another one