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Requirement times of breeding to get a dragon

I want to thank your team for the game TUR , my suggestion is that with every dragon we pair to gather , the breedery shows us that for offspring of this pair , after for example 30 times of breeding you will get the dragon you are looking for. Cause right now I’m trying to get 5 star ghastly Zappleback , but after 30 times of breeding with max breeding chance every time that I bread , I didn’t get it cause the math says with 3.5 percent you will get that dragon after 29 I’m frustrated to get this dragon .

That 3.5% dosen’t mean that you will get the dragon after 29 times, there is a ~65% chance to get it after trying 29 times (wich is pretty high, but that dosen’t mean you will get it 100%). A few months ago players were asking for ludia to reveal the odds, and they did that + they increased the breeding odds. If you’re complaining because you didn’t get a dragon after 29 times, just know that the original odds were 1% to get a legendary (before that update was released i got like… 2 legendaryes from breeding and now i got ~30).


Wow , thanks for inform me about this , guess I have to try more to get what i’m after :slight_smile:

The 29 tries is just an average. Sometimes you can get it on 1st try, sometimes it can take 65! It all depends on how the luck is!

thanks for sharing your opinion with me :slight_smile: . this is my point that to be certain that after amount of trying to get what I’m after , I will get it. this probability to get dragons after once or hundred times of trying , it’s like try to win some sort of lottery . but of course this is my opinion , everyone else’s opinion is respected by me.