Research Laboratory and Production Facility


There’s two things I would like to see in the game:

Research Laboratory
It’s basically what it sounds like. You can research different stuff, for example better DNA-darts. Some examples:

  1. Better DNA-darts if you hit the dinosaur (You’ll get twice as much DNA).
    Price to research: 1000 coins. Duration: 1 day (24h)

  2. Paralyzing dart: If you hit the dinosaur in middle, it will get paralyzed for 4-5 seconds, unable to move around and you can hit as many times as you can without worrying about the dinosaur walking around during that time.
    Price to research: 1500 coins. Duration 2 days (48h)

  3. DNA-dart production. While you’re in the game you will get like 1 DNA-dart every 30th second for 5 minutes, which means a maximum of 10 darts. There’s a 1 hour cooldown until you can use this effect again.
    Price to research: 1000 coins. Duration 1d 12h

Production Facility
When you have researched the stuff mentioned above you can produce them in this facility, it will take some time to produce them and cost some coins.

  1. Better DNA-darts - Costs 200 coins. Will produce 1 DNA-dart every half hour for the next 5 hours. A maximum of 10 darts.
  2. Paralyzing dart - Costs 200 coins. 1 dart/h for 5 hours. A maximum of 5 darts.
  3. Instead of a production button, you will see an activate button which will make you produce DNA-darts over time as I mentioned above.

(You can also upgrade both buildings to make them produce/research faster)

This is just some suggestions of features I would like to see in the game. Just examples. What do you guys think?