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Research Polls for new GamePress Article

Which of these moves is the most unbalanced?
  • Resilient Strike
  • Fierce Strike
  • Cunning Strike

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What is unbalanced about Resilient Strike?
  • Dodge/Cloak removal
  • Speedup removal
  • Distraction Cleansing
  • Apply Deceleration
  • Nothing is wrong with Resilient Strike

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What is unbalanced about Fierce Strike?
  • Break Shields
  • Bypass Armor
  • Remove Taunt
  • Cleanse Vulnerability
  • Nothing is wrong with Fierce Strike

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What is unbalanced about Cunning Strike?ike?
  • Cleanse DoT
  • Remove Critical/Damage increase
  • Distract 50% for 1 turn
  • Reduce Critical Chance
  • Nothing is wrong with Cunning Strike

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How would you change Resilient Strike?
  • Remove the Deceleration effect entirely
  • Replace the Deceleration effect with a Vulnerability effect
  • Replace the Dodge and Cloak removal with a Cloak and Dodge bypass
  • Nothing needs to be changed

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I’d like to hear some opinions on this topic for an article I am working on. I posted the same poll in our Discord server, and in order to get as many responses I will post it here too. Please fill in the polls if you have the time as I intend to use the data on an article that will be posted in the near future. If you could share this topic with other people it’d be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for helping me out!


I feel that Resilient Strike should simply be precise, as it should beat cunnings, just not outright crush them, maybe let RR keep full removal since it’s locked behind a delay


Honestly I feel like the Deceleration effect is the thing wrong with Resilient Strike, not the Dodge and Cloak removal aspect. But I will take the thought in mind when writing the article!

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The Decel is kind of necessary as most cunnings can usually 2 tap resilients with their higher damage, except for the beefiest like Elasmo and Anky


Remove Resilient Strike entirely. Just keep Impact and Rampage.

Most Resilients do have another Deceleration move though, so in that sense I’d actually say that the loss of Deceleration isn’t a very bad thing. Creatures like sauropods and stegosaurids have Decelerating or Slowing attacks, other creatures have Superiority attacks. So the loss of Deceleration on Resilient Strike wouldn’t have an effect on many creaturs. If the goal of the ‘Class Strikes’ (as I like to call them) is to remove the things that the class they’re strong at, such as Fierce removing Shields and Taunt, and Cunning removing Critical and Damage increases, having Resilient remove Dodge and Cloak does make sense. However, we all have different thoughts on it and that’s why I made this poll, to see how people think about this subject.

Got to agree decel has always been the way to deal with speedsters so I see no problem there but doing that while also nullifying, dodge and speed increase. That too much precise should be enough again it should counter not destroy.

And while cunning could be argued as being even strong in most case the cunning creatures low hp and the fact it only distract one turn is enough to balance it out except for a few cases


Problem with Resilient strike is deceleration effect. Cunnings have so low health that 90% of them are in oneshot/swap in range after deceleration.
There are many decelerating moves in game already, so Resilient strike should target dodgers and still many resilient creatures will be able to defeat cunnings without deceleration, but would take some damage too.

Imo the resilient moves could… just stop existing…
Replace them with the superiority equivalent moves, the only functions it would lose is speed increase/dodge/cloak removal.
Resilient has so many more useful effects than cunning or fierce, and superiority is more fair in terms of strength I think. Superiority would still be better than fierce/cunning moves probably overall.

Also the fact that superiority rampage has a cooldown of 2 when resilient rampage only has 1… smh


I think removing the dodge/cloak removal and NOT making it precise is the answer. It slows so basically offers you a 2nd attack to either weaken or potentially kill the creature. Evasive mechanics need to be a factor again or creatures reliant on those abilities need a major buff


Ya but considering moves such as camouflage, revenge cloak, evasive stance, side step, cautious strike, and devious strike exist they need to also by pass dodge some how or else they just won’t do enough damage.


I disagree, null moves and precise moves DO exist, everything shouldn’t dominate evasive creatures

Or we can get rid of superiority moves and just make them resilient but make the resilient moves work how superiority works now (hope that wasn’t too confusing)

Same for fierce and defense shattering, or distraction and cunning


I just think that the addition of resilient moves in the first place was unnecessary. We already had superiority moves in the game, the new resilient class could’ve just gotten those. Yeah a rename could work though may be confusing


But null is basically no existent and is only on cunning creatures so to counter a cunning you basically have to use another cunning same with precise most are on cunning creatures.

And if resilient becomes precise then the rest like devastation, decel strike, shielded decel etc should or would probably lose there precise abilities so that cancels out

For me, resilient strike isn’t broken, but rather it just does TOO much for creatures that usually have access to similar attack stats, better hp stats, and basically monopolize the armor stat. Resil strike should lose one effect


I was fine filling it in until the last option which didn’t offer the choice to stop resilient from avoiding cloaked damage. Perhaps it could have a 50% chance to dodge 50% of the damage but to simply remove it, and slow the Dino plus reducing the damage by 50% is crazy.


Considering we have slowing, decelerating, resilient, superiority, vulnerability and others I think changing it to just two

Deceleration for long term slow but no dodge bypass or cleanse

And resilient: short term slow but with dodge bypass and cleansing and speed removal. would work and make things actually more simple

Remove the anti-dodge/cloak and resilient attacks are fine.


I feel like there should be some differentiation between superiority strike and resilient strike so that one move isn’t strictly better than the other (same with cunning strike and distraction). Maybe have resilient strike act like old superiority strike by reducing speed by I think 33%.